Welcome to Flaxfield Linen

Where Family Passion Weaves Luxurious Dreams

Flaxfield Linen goes beyond providing just bedding, we meticulously craft an elevated sleep experience, embodying high standards and understated luxury in every piece.

Each thread that is interwoven, every finish that is meticulously applied, stems from our deeply rooted belief in delivering quality bedding.

Led by a dedicated mother-daughter duo, who pour their heart into this cherished family venture, our offerings stand as more than just products, they are tangible representations of our dedication to craftsmanship, luxury, and comfort.

Every piece tells a story of commitment and passion, aiming to provide an unrivaled restful experience for those who choose Flaxfield Linen.

Our Pillowcase Styles

The two styles of pillowcases we mainly use in our collections are the tailored and cuffed style of pillowcase.

Our tailored Pillowcases feature either a plain flange or mitred border with a rear envelope style closure. This keeps the pillow securely in place and hides the white of the pillow from view. The pillowcase is surrounded by a top stitched border of 5-8cm with perfectly mitred corners.

Our cuffed pillowcases are designed with a plain or decorative cuffed opening at the end of a pillowcase and features an envelope closure to ensure the pillow stays put.

Tropical Nightly Escape

Every night, transport yourself to a luxurious tropical haven wrapped in unmatched comfort and elegance. Each of our Resort Quilted Bedspreads is not just bedding, it's an invitation to a five-star tropical escape.

Resort Quilted Bedspread

Elevate your sleep with our luminous Resort Hotel Quilt, available in Super King and Super Queen sizes. Dive into a world where luxury meets comfort

King Sized Pillowcases

Made with the King sized bed in mind, these king pillows are made from 100% extra-fine cotton sateen and are beautifully gift boxed.

Willow Collection

Handpainted by a New Zealand artist and printed onto the finest cotton sateen. Willow is available in a duvet cover set and quilted comforter. 


Inspired by the Meander motifs which line the pavements and buildings in Rhodes, Greece our bedding takes on a refined elegance when rendered inhues of blue and presented in a beautiful gift box.  

Chalk Boucle Throw

Add some lightweight texture to your home with our chalk coloured bouclé throw. Woven in Peru from 89% Alpaca and 11% wool.

Sala Charcoal Throw

Layering multiple pieces on your bed is more effective at controlling the amount of warmth contained within your bedding. Our knitted cotton throws help add some lightweight warmth to those crisp spring nights.

Women Owned Family Run Business

Being a small family owned business has allowed us to remain focused on what matters most, timeless style that adds a touch of luxury to every home, without compromising on durability.

Understated Neutrals

Experience the tranquility of our Serene Neutrals collection. Each piece has been thoughtfully curated in calming neutral shades. This range effortlessly introduces timeless sophistication to any bedroom, blending elegance with comfort, transforming your sleep space into a restful sanctuary.

Using only the best natural fibres ensures our products stand the test of time, in both quality and sustainability. We still personally use linen we crafted over 10 years ago, because it continues to feel more luxurious with every day.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I specified Flaxfield quilts, covers and display cushions for Kokomo Private Island Fiji. I wanted that quality look and feel and that’s what we achieved. They are beautifully made with the best cotton and wash like a dream. The guests on the island often remark on the quality of the quilts. We will definitely continue using the product.
— Philip Garner, Interior Designer - Garner Agencies
Customer reviews
The Orcia duvet covers are exceptionally made! I have been buying linen from Flaxfield since first discovering them in 2012 and my bedding is still going strong. This is a level of quality that is rarely seen today.
— Mark L / Sydney
Customer reviews
This soft cotton comforter is beautifully made and looks stunning on my bed. It's lightweight but incredibly warm. Perfect for use all year round.
— Estelle W / Sydney
Customer reviews
The Flaxfield Classique sheets are by far the best sheets I have ever owned. They get softer with each launder, never pill or go out of shape. Excellent quality!
— Alex K / Perth
Customer reviews
Love the Sala throw! It’s excellent quality, thicker and more substantial than I thought it would be. I like blankets that have a bit of weight to them so so it is perfect for me.
— Sarah T - Melbourne