Though it's not obvious from a product label, the wrinkle free finish comes from a resin that releases formaldehyde, the chemical that is usually associated with embalming fluids.

Formaldehyde is commonly used in a broad range of products that can be found in practically every room in the house. The drapes hanging in the lounge, personal care products in your bathroom like shampoos and lotions. In the wardrobe it can be found on your business shirts, dresses and trousers and may even be present on the sheets and pillowcases in your bedroom.

So why do companies use formaldehyde at all? Formaldehyde is used to make fabrics wrinkle free and stain resistant by soaking the fabric in formaldehyde or exposing the fabric to formaldehyde gases. This process keeps the fibres in place after being washed and dried, without it, the fibres would naturally wrinkle.  

The use of and exposure to formaldehyde can produce a laundry list of possible health hazards with the most commonly sited being skin irritation.

Unfortunately the use of formaldehyde in your bed linen doesn't have to be disclosed anywhere on the product label, which leaves you very much in the dark in terms of what your bedding has been treated with. 

One of the best ways to ensure your bed linen does not contain formaldehyde is to avoid buying wrinkle free bedding and look for Oekotex certification.

How to reduce wrinkles naturally.

Overtime the cotton fibres will relax and with continued use your cotton bed linen will have less wrinkles.

We've included some tips below to help get you smooth, wrinkle free bedding to sleep on.

When laundering your bedding don't overload the the washing machine or clothes dryer as this can increase wrinkling and always use low temperatures for drying to prevent wrinkles from setting in. When the bedding is almost dry pull them out of the dryer and iron lightly.

Alternatively if you don't have time or the desire to iron your bed linen, air drying will definitely help to remove the wrinkles for you. By hanging the sheets evenly over the line or on a clothes rack, the weight of the water and gravity will help smooth out those wrinkles for you.

Another alternative is using a water spray bottle a technique used by hotels for eliminating any fold marks in their bedding. After placing your fitted sheet over your bed, lightly mist the entire sheet, running your hands across the creases and smoothing them out. Then repeat this process for the flat sheet and duvet cover and you should see a noticeable reduction in creases and wrinkles. 


June 03, 2020 — Flaxfield Linen