Meet Maggie Lam: New Zealand’s Maestro of Modern Toile de Jouy and Chinoiserie

In the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of New Zealand, artistry flourishes in a myriad of ways, giving rise to talents like Maggie Lam. She stands out as a creative force, intricately weaving history, culture, and modern aesthetics into her textile designs. Maggie is renowned for her signature toile de jouy and chinoiserie patterns, which are often featured on grand mural wallpapers and luxurious fabrics.

Her recent collection, "Willow," is a contemporary homage to the timeless elegance of 18th-century white and indigo porcelain, infusing intricate designs with a fresh, modern sensibility, perfect for home décor enthusiasts.

The Art of Transformation: Sketch to Fabric in Maggie Lam's Studio

Transitioning her art from the expanse of large murals to the intimate scale of comforters and duvet covers, Maggie executed this shift with characteristic flair. The white and indigo designs of “Willow” maintain their mesmerising quality on bedding as they do on vast walls, becoming a favorite among interior design aficionados.

Crafting Comfort: How Willow's Bedding Blends Tradition with Modern Elegance

Each motif in the Willow collection was crafted meticulously with raw charcoal and pencil, capturing the tranquil essence of her historic inspirations and arranging them into a harmonious layout that turns bedroom decor into a work of art. The modern take on traditional craftsmanship in this collection appeals to those seeking sophistication and serenity in their sleeping space.

While the inspiration behind “Willow” might be rooted in the 18th century, its application is thoroughly modern. The clean lines, the balance between white and indigo, and the fine details make it relevant and appealing for the modern bedroom.

Experience the blend of comfort and luxury that only the Willow Collection can provide – view the collection now and usher in an era of elegance and stylish tranquility to your bedroom.

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November 10, 2023 — Flaxfield Linen

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