Selva: Luxury Baby Alpaca Throw from Peru



The Selva throw isn't just a product; it's a reflection of Peru's rich textile heritage. Crafted with meticulous precision in the Peruvian mountains, each throw tells a story of tradition, dedication and love. Made from the first shear of young Alpacas, the fleece quality is unparalleled, offering a smooth, velvety touch that speaks of its premium nature. The natural color palette, combined with the fine twill weave and airy basket-weave border, adds a touch of rustic elegance.

100% Baby Alpaca

Alpaca wool is renowned in the textile industry for its remarkable softness, strength, and warmth. What sets it apart is its hypoallergenic nature, making it a boon for those with sensitive skin. Crafted from 100% Baby Alpaca, the Selva throw offers a luxurious experience that's second to none.

Dive into the comfort of this natural fiber, which warms you during chilly winter nights and remains breathable in the heat of summer. Lightweight yet cozy, the Selva throw boasts dimensions of 160cm x 200cm, making it a versatile piece perfect for your bed, sofa, or a comforting wrap around yourself.

Sustainability at its Core

At Flaxfield Linen, we believe luxury and responsibility go hand in hand. We are commitment to sustainability from ethical sourcing of Alpaca wool to eco-friendly production processes, every step is taken with the environment in mind. 

The Alpacas graze in their natural habitat, ensuring they live in harmony with nature. This sustainable grazing helps in soil regeneration and prevents overgrazing, leading to a balanced ecosystem.

Care and Maintenance

A product of such exquisite craftsmanship deserves care to match. While the Selva throw is designed for durability, a little love can prolong its life. Hand washing with cool water and gentle care ensures the fibers remain soft and vibrant. Lay it flat to dry, and you'll find it remains as stunning as the day you bought it.

Order Now: Elevate Your Home Decor

The Selva throw is more than a home furnishing; it's a piece of art, an heirloom. Its timeless design ensures it blends seamlessly with both contemporary and classic decors. Whether you're gifting it or making a statement in your own space, the Selva throw promises luxury, comfort, and sustainability in one package. Don't wait; elevate your decor with a touch of Peruvian luxury today.

  • Material: 100% Baby Alpaca
  • Dimensions: 160cm x 200cm
  • Origin: Made in Peru
  • Care Instructions: Cool, gentle hand wash

- Within Australia $15.00 (free above $150)
- To NZ/USA/CA/SG/UK & IE $40 (free above $300)

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Being a small family owned business has allowed us to remain focused on what matters most, timeless style that adds a touch of luxury to every home, without compromising on durability.

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