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Elevate Your Bedroom This Winter with Flaxfield Linen's Siena Quilted Duvet Cover Set

Embrace the colder seasons in style with the Siena Quilted Duvet Cover Set from Flaxfield Linen, your ultimate choice for sustainable luxury in the Australian bed linen market. This premium set combines elegant design with eco-friendly practices, ensuring a cosy, stylish, and responsible addition to your bedroom.

Ultimate Comfort and Sophisticated Design

Crafted from 100% premium cotton, the Siena quilted duvet cover set is the perfect addition to Australian bedrooms, offering unmatched warmth and insulation for cooler nights. Its distinctive geometric pattern introduces a textured appeal to any bedroom decor, blending style with functionality.

The advanced quilting process significantly enhances the durability of the duvet cover by adding an additional layer of protection against wear and tear. By intricately stitching together multiple layers of fabric, this method results in a thicker, more reinforced material. The unique quilting pattern evenly distributes any wear across the cover's surface, effectively preventing thinning in areas of frequent use. With each wash and use, the quilted fabric becomes softer and more luxurious, maintaining its structural integrity while improving in comfort and texture.

Featuring a smooth, piped border and a concealed button closure that safeguards the buttons against wear and tear, prolonging the cover's lifespan. This duvet cover also boasts an extra 16cm mitred border, providing extended coverage for deeper mattresses.

Practical Luxury for the Australian Home

The Siena set, available in sizes from Queen to Super King, caters to a wide range of Australian bed dimensions, making it a versatile choice for any home. Machine washable and designed for easy care, this duvet cover set represents the perfect blend of luxury and convenience for busy Australian lifestyles. It’s an ideal choice for refreshing your bedding ensemble or as a thoughtful gift that embodies both taste and functionality.

Committed to Sustainability and Quality

Flaxfield Linen is dedicated to sustainability, adhering to the highest environmental standards, including REACH and SVHC regulations, and boasting OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Our commitment ensures that every Siena Quilted Duvet Cover Set is not only luxurious and safe but also produced with respect for the environment and your well-being. By choosing Flaxfield Linen, you’re supporting eco-friendly practices in the Australian textile industry, contributing to a healthier planet. 

Why Choose the Siena Quilted Duvet Cover Set?

  • Elegant Design: A quilted pattern that combines modern elegance with classic appeal, perfect for Australian homes.
  • Versatile and Comfortable: Fits a range of bed sizes and is made from soft, durable cotton for a good night's sleep.
  • Easy to Care For: Machine washable for hassle-free maintenance, aligning with the needs of Australian families.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Made with the environment in mind, meeting strict safety and environmental standards.



- Within Australia $15.00 (free above $150)
- To NZ/USA/CA/SG/UK & IE $40 (free above $300)

Flaxfield Linen has a 21-day return policy. We are happy to provide a refund on all full priced items provided they are unused, unlaundered and in their original packaging. Just return the item back to us within 21 days. The return shipping fee will not be refunded.

Being a small family owned business has allowed us to remain focused on what matters most, timeless style that adds a touch of luxury to every home, without compromising on durability.

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