At Flaxfield Linen, we pride ourselves on offering eco-friendly linens that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Beyond the comfort and aesthetic of our products, a significant part of that quality lies in our rigorous adherence to international environmental and health standards. In our commitment to chemical-free textiles and ensuring a sleep experience that's as safe as it is luxurious, we strictly follow guidelines like REACh, SVHC, and Oeko-Tex® Standards. Let’s delve deeper into each to understand their importance.

1. REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)

  • Overview: REACh, a cornerstone of European Union regulations since 2007, stands as one of the most stringent laws overseeing chemical substances and their potential impacts on human health and the environment.

  • Key Principles:

    • Registration: Any manufacturer or importer must notify the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) of chemical substances exceeding one tonne per year.
    • Evaluation: ECHA takes the responsibility to scrutinise the registered substances, ensuring safety data's adequacy and identifying potential hazards.
    • Authorisation & Restriction: Some chemicals, due to inherent dangers, require explicit authorisation. These cannot enter the EU market without company-specific authorisation.
  • Flaxfield Linen's Commitment: We ensure that all components of our eco-friendly linens conform to REACh regulations. This diligence guarantees an environmentally-responsible production process and safe bedding materials for our consumers.

2. SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern)

  • Overview: Intimately tied to REACh, SVHCs comprise chemicals that could cause serious and often irreversible harm to both the environment and human health.

  • Key Principles:

    • Criteria for SVHC: Carcinogens, mutagens, and substances toxic to reproduction, along with persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) entities, typically find their way onto the SVHC list.
    • Candidate & Authorisation Lists: ECHA publishes a periodic list of SVHC candidates. Companies must stay updated with this list and the status of substances they introduce.
  • Flaxfield Linen's Commitment: Our dedication to safe bedding materials means we stay vigilant, monitoring both the candidate and authorisation lists, ensuring no SVHCs taint our products.

3. Oeko-Tex® 

  • Overview: Recognised globally, Oeko-Tex® embodies consistent, independent testing, and certification system for textiles, standing as a beacon for product safety and consumer confidence.

  • Key Principles:

    • Criteria Catalogue: This standard meticulously checks for a myriad of regulated and non-regulated harmful substances.
    • Product Classes: Oeko-Tex® categorises products based on user contact intensity. Direct skin contact items have stricter limits.
    • Annual Re-Testing: Ensuring continuous compliance, certified products and manufacturers are re-evaluated yearly.
  • Flaxfield Linen's Commitment: Our products are proudly crafted from materials that meet Oeko-Tex® Standards, customers can rest easy knowing our linens have been rigorously tested for harmful substances.

At Flaxfield Linen, our dedication goes beyond mere aesthetics. Every thread woven, every product made, resonates with our ethos of unmatched quality. By upholding these stringent standards, we guarantee not just luxury but also safety and sustainability. Choose Flaxfield Linen, and invest in a legacy of comfort, eco-friendliness, and durability.

October 04, 2023 — Flaxfield Linen

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