Dream of recreating that blissful comfort of a boutique hotel bed in your personal sanctuary? With the right key elements, you can mirror the indulgence of a luxury hotel in your own home. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to transform your bedroom into a hotel-grade retreat.

Invest in a Comfortable, Luxurious Bed

The showstopper of any hotel-style bedroom is a cosy, sumptuous bed. Your choice of mattress should be the best you can afford, aiming for premium quality. An ultra-comfortable mattress, enhanced with a plush mattress topper, will bring you closer to that luxurious hotel feel. Pair this with a chic, elegant bed frame that suits your bedroom's decor or a beautifully upholstered headboard for that added touch of opulence.

Master the Art of Layering Your Bedding

Emulating hotel-level elegance requires the right layering of bedding, merging practicality with aesthetic appeal. Begin with crisp, high-thread-count white sheets. Then add a light blanket and a lofty comforter or duvet. Complete your bedding ensemble with a quilted throw at the foot of the bed, adding texture and colour.

Pillows should be plenty and varied. Include standard or king-sized pillows for sleeping, shams that complement your duvet, along with a few decorative cushions. This mix of different sizes and shapes enhances the luxurious ambiance.

Prioritise High-Quality, Sustainable Bedding

A critical step towards achieving a hotel-like bedroom involves investing in top-tier, sustainable bedding. Opt for bedding made from natural fibres like cotton, linen, or silk over synthetic alternatives. Not only do natural fibres increase comfort and breathability, they're also eco-friendly.

When selecting your bedding, aim for top-tier sheets with a high thread count and a sateen or percale weave to achieve a luxuriously soft and silky feel. Layer a plush comforter or duvet for an extra dose of warmth and comfort and finalise the look with a few decorative cushions and a textured throw.

Choose Timeless, Classic Designs

Luxury hotels often showcase timeless designs that stay stylish regardless of fleeting trends. Mirror this in your bedroom by opting for understated colour palettes and evergreen designs. Classic white bedding or subtle textured patterns make reliable choices. You can also experiment with soft pastels, muted blues, and other serene shades.

In terms of furniture and accessories, pick pieces that radiate simplicity and elegance. Avoid overly trendy styles that date quickly and might make your bedroom look outdated.

Ensure Bedroom Comfort and Functionality

While an aesthetically pleasing bedroom is desirable, comfort and functionality are paramount in replicating a luxury hotel experience. Select a comfortable mattress tailored to support your specific sleeping position, and a bed base or frame renowned for its sturdiness and quality.

Incorporate furniture featuring built-in storage options like drawers and shelves to maximise space and maintain organisation in your bedroom. Invest in a few chic storage baskets to effectively manage clutter.

Personal Touches Make a Difference

To make your bedroom truly yours, sprinkle it with personal touches that resonate with your preferences and personality. A cherished piece of artwork, a scented candle, or a vase of fresh flowers can infuse an intimate touch, making your bedroom feel like a genuine luxury haven.

Lastly, an invaluable piece of advice for maintaining a delightful aroma in your bedroom revolves around cleanliness. Ensure to wash your bedding regularly, remove dust from surfaces, and encourage good ventilation within the space.

Enhance the olfactory experience further by contemplating the use of scented drawer liners or sachets in your closets and drawers, augmenting that luxurious touch. A personal favorite of ours is the scent of lavender. For your convenience, we have included a simple recipe below to create a fragrant spray:

Homemade Lavender Room Spray Recipe


  • Lavender essential oil: 20-30 drops
  • Witch hazel or vodka: 1 tablespoon
  • Distilled water
  • A small spray bottle (100ml)


Combine Lavender Essential Oil and Witch Hazel: Pour the lavender essential oil and the witch hazel (or vodka) into your spray bottle. Secure the top and shake vigorously to combine.

Add Distilled Water: Next, fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, leaving a small gap at the top for shaking.

Shake and Spray: Prior to each use, shake your spray thoroughly to make sure the oils are uniformly dispersed. Proceed to lightly spray around your bedroom, exercising caution to evade any delicate fabrics or surfaces that may be adversely affected by water or oil. 

Now, you have a natural, homemade room spray to keep your bedroom smelling divine.

Curating a luxury hotel-inspired bedroom revolves around investing in high-quality, sustainable, and timeless pieces that place comfort and functionality at their core. Choosing natural fibres, classic designs, and functional furniture can transmute your bedroom into a warm, inviting sanctuary offering an escape from the stress of daily life.

So go ahead, indulge in that luxurious comforter, invest in a supportive mattress and surround yourself with items that make you feel truly pampered and relaxed. Your future self will thank you for making this decadent investment in your well-being!

June 01, 2023 — Flaxfield Linen

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