Choosing the right fabric for bedding is an art steeped in details. The tactile sensation, aesthetic appeal, durability, and performance of a fabric play pivotal roles in defining the sleep experience. Flaxfield Linen stands out in this realm, with every fabric choice exemplifying our unwavering commitment to quality. But what exactly sets our fabric apart?

The Allure of Premium Cotton Sateen

  • The Essence: At the core of our bedding collection stands our signature 100% cotton sateen fabric. With an inherent lustre, there's no need for artificial enhancements or treatments. Its softness and silky texture embrace your skin, ushering you into a realm of luxury.

  • The Yarn: We use nothing less than 100% combed cotton for our yarn. What sets it apart are the long staple fibers, ensuring durability and a plush feel. We've perfected a blend where a minimum of 50% of the fibers are 37 mm long, complemented by the remainder at 31.5 mm. With a steadfast yarn count of 60s, we guarantee a fabric that's consistent in its texture, devoid of imperfections, and exudes a flawless finish.
  • The Comfort: Beyond its visual appeal and luxurious touch, our cotton sateen fabric excels in functionality. Its breathability coupled with unmatched softness makes it the ideal choice for bedding, promising not just rest but a rejuvenating sleep experience.

Craftsmanship in Construction

  • Weave and Density: Our bedding fabric employs the Sateen weaving method, which intricately floats four warp yarns over a single weft yarn, complemented by a singular pick insertion. This meticulous process bestows the fabric with its inherently smooth texture and rich sheen. Additionally, the compact weaving provides the fabric with remarkable durability, making it resilient to regular wear and tear. The outcome is a material that radiates opulence and offers an unparalleled softness against the skin

  • Edges and Consistency: In our dedication to producing top-tier bedding, the integrity of our fabric's selvedges is something we prioritise. Our selvedges are steadfastly firm and impeccably straight. We ensure this precision because it serves multiple pivotal roles. Firstly, these robust selvedges prevent our fabric from unravelling or fraying, promising longevity to our customers. They also provide a reliable edge for us to follow ensuring that when cut for the final product, the fabric aligns perfectly without distortion. Furthermore, a straight and sturdy selvedge is our stamp of superior craftsmanship, signaling the meticulous attention to detail we invest in every inch of our fabric. For us, the impeccable selvedge isn’t just an aesthetic choice; it's a reflection of our commitment to quality and durability.

Mastery in Finishing Techniques

  • Refinement Techniques: In our pursuit of excellence, we incorporate methods such as singeing, mercerising, and calendaring. These specialized techniques amplify the fabric's natural sheen while preserving its innate softness.


    Commitment to Environment and Safety: Ensuring the well-being of both our customers and the planet, our fabrics are consciously crafted without formaldehyde. Every phase of our fabrication aligns with the stringent standards set by REACh, SVHC, and Oeko-Tex® Standards.

The Promise of Enduring Beauty

  • Authenticity in Colour: The pristine white of our fabric speaks of its authenticity, untouched by optical brighteners.

  • Post-care Assurance: After laundering, expect no compromise in our fabric's visual appeal and tactile feel. Its structural integrity remains intact.

An Ode to Durability and Care

  • Timeless Resilience: Designed for both home and commercial use, our fabrics seamlessly withstand machine washes and tumble drying. Their exceptional color retention and resistance to sunlight further accentuate their ageless beauty.

  • Consistent Aesthetics: Time may pass, but our fabric's softness, smooth finish, and inherent luster remain unchanged. With unwavering color fidelity, it continually offers the same welcoming embrace as it did the very first moment it adorned your bed.
  • Guaranteed Endurance: Through meticulous testing, we assure our fabric's defense against abrasion, tearing, and pilling. This diligence underscores a legacy of sustained luxury.

Why is the quality of fabric so crucial when it comes to bedding?

The answer can be found in the intimate role that bedding plays in our lives. Fabric, in many ways, serves as the sensory interface between us and our rest. It's the first thing our skin encounters as we lay down after a long day, and it influences multiple facets of our sleep experience.

Comfort is undeniably at the forefront. A high-quality fabric feels soft and gentle against the skin, ensuring that our sleep is undisturbed by rough textures or irritating seams. Moreover, a fabric's quality affects its breathability and thermoregulation properties. The right fabric can wick away moisture, keeping us cool during warmer nights, while also providing the warmth we need when the temperature drops.

But beyond the tactile, fabric sets the visual ambiance of a bedroom. The sheen, color, and texture of quality fabric can transform the aesthetic of a room, making it an oasis of relaxation and luxury.

Choose Flaxfield Linen today, and invest in a legacy of comfort, elegance, and durability.

October 04, 2023 — Flaxfield Linen

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