Experience luxury with Flaxfield Linen's Classique Satin Stitched bedding and the joy of diving into a bed that offers the utmost comfort and radiates luxury. Flaxfield Linen's Classique Sheet Set embodies this promise, presenting a blend of luxury and exquisite craftsmanship, resulting in a product of unrivaled elegance and comfort.

Indulge in Luxury with Our Premium Classique Sheet Sets

Pure White Cotton Sateen

At the heart of our Classique bedding collection is our signature 100% cotton sateen fabric, boasting an innate luster without the need for artificial enhancements. This luxurious softness and smooth texture, which cocoons your skin, stems from our unwavering commitment to using only 100% combed cotton yarn. Distinguished by long staple fibers, we've mastered a blend where over half the fibers measure 37 mm, balanced by the remaining at 31.5 mm. With a steadfast yarn count of 60s, this ensures a fabric that's consistently smooth, free from flaws, and showcases a pristine finish. Our Classique bedding offers superior breathability and unparalleled softness, transcending beyond mere rest to offer a truly rejuvenating sleep experience.


Elegant Satin Stitching

Satin stitching, when executed flawlessly, can elevate bedding from the ordinary to the extraordinary. For premium bedding, impeccable satin stitching is paramount. This entails ensuring each stitch is uniform in length, laying flat and smooth against the fabric. Our Classique sheet sets are accentuated with two satin stitch lines in an array of colours. 

Classique Ebony Sheet Set


The Craft Behind The Comfort

Just as in any form of art, the brilliance of embroidery relies on several key elements: the sharpness and gauge of a well-chosen needle, the stability ensured by appropriate backing paper, and the uniformity ensured by premium threads. Impeccable thread tension guarantees consistent stitches, while correct framing averts fabric puckering, preserving logo clarity. Modern digitization methods enable us to recreate brand artwork with precision, and we trust only the best machines, maintained regularly, to uphold the Flaxfield Linen standard.

Classique King Pillowcases


Flawless Embroidery, Uncompromised Quality

Achieving top-tier embroidery quality is a testament to expertise and commitment. At Flaxfield Linen, our pride lies in collaborating with the UK's most proficient embroiderers, ensuring that each stitch on our Classique Sheet Set meets your expectations.

For those seeking not just a bedding solution but a tryst with luxury and comfort, Flaxfield Linen's Classique Sheet Set is your answer. Eager to experience this luxury? Connect with our experts, and let's transform your bedding journey.

November 06, 2023 — Flaxfield Linen

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