In 2017 Neuroscientist Matthew Walker, authored the book Why We Sleep revealing that sleep is much more important for our health and happiness than previously thought and by getting less than the 8 hours sleep we need each night, can in turn make us more vulnerable to disease and may even shorten our life-spans.

Achieving that perfect 8 hour slumber is easier said than done though. Most of us know that we should have a regular bedtime routine, avoid alcohol and caffeine, have an absence of screens in the bedroom and good ventilation but the bedding we sleep in should also be a priority.

The material that our bedding is made from and we sleep under is in constant contact with our skin throughout the night and is a key ingredient in helping you achieve a comfortable and revitalising sleep or a very hot and restless one.

Polyester bedding is made from a synthetic fibre that is synthesised from petroleum based products, it is water-repellent and not absorbent. For this reason polyester fabrics do not absorb sweat, which can make for a moist, clammy uncomfortable night under the sheets. However cotton being a natural fibre is comfortable and breathable. It will wick moisture away from the body as the vapour is free to transfer through the fibre, lowering the humidity between the fabric and the body, which provides you with a cool feeling and a blissful nights sleep. 

For a good nights sleep cotton bedding is a superior choice, every time.


July 16, 2020 — Flaxfield Linen